If you are looking for a good review for Temptu S-One Premier Makeup Kit, brace yourself as you are going to see what you have missed with other press releases.

This makeup kit is designed for professional makeup artists who earn a living beautifying many women at almost the same time. This means, makeup artists who work in beauty salons, cater to wedding entourages, and those people who like to share their skills with others like friends and relatives.

But not all women understand what Temptu S-One stands for. While it is best for the pros, it is also ideal for budding artists who want to make money out of their skills. It has a wide range of foundations; a shade for every skin tone.

Temptu S-One Premier Makeup Kit Reviewtemptu S-one premier airbrush makeup kit review

The kit contains:

  • S-One Compressor
  • SP-35 Airbrush
  • 12-Pack S/B Foundation (in ¼-oz) Starter Set
  • 4 Oz S/B Cleaner
  • Airbrush Cleaning Kit

The company has been in the business for about three decades now and a huge competitor of Dinair Airbrush Makeup. While they both have a wide array of foundations to choose from, the difference lies on the type of makeup used. In this case, the Temptu line uses more than the waterbased makeup. It has silicone and alcohol-based options.

Temptu has 2 types of excellent compressors and different airbrush guns to cater to both professionals and beginners. The Temptu S-One utilizes the SP-35 airbrush gun that is proven to have no issues with other brands of airbrush makeup systems. Outstanding as it is, it is not equipped with Iwata’s famous airbrush compressor that is said to be one of the toughest in its kind.

Nevertheless, it is still a class in itself in terms of longevity.

The S-One compressor is sold cheaper than Temptu air compressor but performs better. This type doesn’t have mobility issues which makes it a favorite among the get –up-and-go culture. With a 40 PSI maximum pressure, it levels with the reliable Iwata Silver Jet which makes it perfect for body art, fine detailing, aside from using it for applying foundation. It has a built-in PSI regulator, fitted with a better type of coiled air hose, and comes with an airbrush holder.

Using the S-One compressor with the SP-35 airbrush produces neat results rather than using the Airpod and 2.0 compressor combination. Mist produced is finer and provides you with a fantastic coverage. Besides the SP-35, it is compatible with the SE-50 and SP-40, as well as Airpod airbrushes.

How you succeed with airbrushing techniques and acquiring perfect outcomes depend highly on the combination of your airbrush equipment and compressor. Other than this, you should be fine at using color combinations in order to generate the right kind of enhancement. Otherwise, leave the thought of airbrushing to professionals.

Overall, this airbrush makeup kit passes the standards of elite groups of makeup experts and may prove a good starting point for newbies in the industry.