Consistently ranked among the leading airbrush makeup kits is the TEMPTU 2.0 Deluxe Airbrush Makeup Kit. Made of high quality materials, this bestseller kit is produced by a well-known brand that specializes in airbrush makeup, Temptu. Makeup experts rely on Temptu products for their performance and impressive results. Temptu has been around for several years and has made a name for itself in the fashion and cosmetics industry. Now, anyone can get a hold of their products and enjoy beautiful impeccable makeup. Whether it’s for professional or amateur use, the Temptu brand guarantees a look that creates quite an impact.

Features:temptu 2.0 deluxe airbrush makeup kit review

The TEMPTU 2.0 Deluxe Airbrush Makeup Kit includes several items. The TEMPTU 2.0 Airbrush Compressor is light, portable and easy to store, perfect for traveling. The design looks classy and professional and the dial allows you to adjust the pressure and PSI up to a maximum of 30. The airbrush gun to be attached to the compressor is an SP–40, a gravity feed and single action type. With the SP–40, you can get a good uninterrupted stream of makeup which is important particularly for denser silicone-based makeup.

The makeup products that are part of this kit consist of foundation, blush, highlighter, bronzer, contour, concealer and primer. The S/B foundation starter set has 12 packs, with varied colors in Blush Ivory, Cappuccino, Clay, Dark Cocoa, Espresso, Golden Honey, Ivory, Natural Mocha, Porcelain, Pure Beige, Sand, and Toffee. The S/B Blush and Highlighter starter set meanwhile has 8 packs in the following shades: Champagne Shimmer, Copper Bronze, Coral, Gold Shimmer, Peony, Plum, Raspberry, and White Shimmer. As for the S/B Contour and Bronze set, the available colors are Deep, Matte Bronzer, Shimmer Bronzer, Light, Medium and Dark. You also get a concealer wheel with five natural hues and a 1 ounce S/B primer, which is essential for controlling excess shine on skin produced by oil. All of these products are encased in 0.25 ounce bottles. They’re also silicone-based and appropriate for most skin types.

Included as well and extremely important are the Airbrush Cleaning Kit and cleaner to remove the makeup from your equipment thoroughly after use and make the kit last longer.

What people are saying:

Online reviewers were more than satisfied with the operation and results of this kit. They have mentioned though that it will take time for you to apply the makeup and silicone-based makeup is especially slower than water-based. For face makeup and light body coverage, this kit provides great coverage and a gorgeous look. The makeup is waterproof and can be counted on to last as long as an entire day, ideal for special occasions. It is also worth noting that since the makeup is silicone-based, it is more suited to dry skin. On the other hand, it gives a thicker but more natural finish. The compressor works quietly but powerfully and together with the airbrush, gets the job done efficiently. Some users have remarked that a little amount from each product can already go a long way so you’ll be glad to know that with moderate use you won’t need to replace the products anytime soon. As a starter package, this kit offers excellent value.

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