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Do you want to know how to cover wrinkles with airbrush makeup? Applying makeup is an art and a complicated task, which is especially true for mature skin. Besides that, you also need to consider other factors like skin type and complexion. The same products and techniques will not work on everyone.

Mature Skin vs. Youthful Skin

For those with mature skin, it is recommended to use cosmetic products which contain SPF protection. Also, use products that offer the right amount of coverage to hide skin blemishes which become prominent in mature skin.

Warm colors are recommended to use for the cheeks, while neutral shades for the eyelids, especially for the eyebrows and lashes, for a more natural-looking finish. For the lips, it is recommended to use hues which match the natural color of the lips.

Putting makeup on younger skin is different. This is because the majority of them have even skin tones and smaller pores. What the more youthful generation needs are a makeup kit packed with essential cosmetic products for daily use. What’s important is for them to use products those that won’t damage their skin but also protect it.

What Is Airbrush Makeup?

Airbrush makeup is one method of applying makeup. It uses an airbrush machine that sprays the cosmetic onto the person’s face. This makeup technique was first used in 1959 during the filming of the movie, “Ben Hur”.

This machine consists of a powered compressor, a medical grade hose, and a trigger-actioned gun made of metal. The airbrush system is adjusted by changing the air pressure depending on the user’s preference. An airbrush system for home use is smaller than the one used by professional makeup artists.

Airbrush Makeup vs. Traditional Makeup

Using airbrush makeup or traditional makeup depends on what you need and which one you prefer. We will be checking the pros and cons of each makeup method to give you more insight into each technique.

1. Airbrush Makeup

The airbrush makeup technique needs an airbrush machine and uses cosmetics explicitly designed for this method. Airbrush foundations have a thinner consistency compared to regular foundations. This thin consistency, plus the way it is applied, gives a lighter feeling on your face making you look like you are not wearing makeup.

The airbrush method of applying makeup is best for those who have sensitive skin and prone to skin breakouts. With this technique, you apply thin layers of foundation onto the face, which will result in a smooth, natural, and flawless look, entirely hiding skin imperfections.

This method usually lasts longer and is more sanitary because the only thing that touches your skin is the airbrush makeup. What’s more, airbrush cosmetic products have a longer shelf life if stored properly. They are also more reasonable in the long run because you only use small amounts of cosmetics.

The downside is that investing in an airbrush system will cost you higher. You will also have a hard time in case you need touch-ups. Since this is a relatively new technique, there is also a limited choice of products.

2. Traditional Makeup

The conventional makeup technique uses different makeup tools to apply makeup, including brushes, sponges, and sometimes even your fingers. Your skin is more susceptible to irritation because of the possible bacteria transferred during the application.

Cosmetic products for traditional makeup are thicker in consistency and come in powder, cream, or liquid form. It may also feel and look heavier on your face after the application.

There are a lot of cosmetic products to choose from when it comes to traditional makeup compared to airbrush. Whether it’s for a specific skin type or if it’s a full coverage foundation, you will find one according to what you need.

The Airbrush Machine

An airbrush machine is a small tool that sprays different kinds of substance, like the foundation used for makeup. There are two kinds of airbrushes.

The first one is the single-action airbrush, wherein the air flows through the airbrush after the trigger is depressed. This kind of airbrush is affordable and straightforward.

The second kind of airbrush is the dual-action type. This style lets you adjust the air flow and the color flow at the same time to create different effects.

You need practice in using this airbrush type to achieve the desired outcome. Also, this type of airbrush is priced higher than the single-actioned type.

How to Cover Wrinkles with Airbrush Makeup

The secret on how to cover wrinkles with airbrush makeup is choosing the right product. Generally, water-based foundations are the best choice for a natural, flawless look. Your skin absorbs the water naturally and then blends well into the skin, expertly hiding skin imperfections.

Using an airbrush technique, the thin layers of foundation applied to your skin contours your face. It also blends well, and as a result, helps hides not just your wrinkles but also age spots, fine lines, and more.

For better results, look for a product with SPF protection and one that offers sufficient coverage to hide wrinkles and other skin imperfections. You should also use neutral shades to enhance your natural color.

Luminess Air Airbrush Full Coverage Mystic Airbrush Foundation


First, you need to assemble your airbrush gun by attaching it to the compressor hose and screwing it on the metal connector. You can also attach the conical base if there’s one.

You will notice that the airbrush machine comes with a small cup. This is where you put a few drops of foundation. After turning on the compressor, make a circular motion with the airbrush gun while directing it four to six inches away from your face.

Always remember to first release some air from the airbrush by pressing down on the trigger. Then, pull back the trigger so that you can release the makeup.

Turn on the air during the makeup application process. You can control the makeup by pulling on the trigger. Make small circular motions to apply the foundation. Do not overspray.


With everything that we have discussed, we can say that airbrush makeup is better than the conventional one. Though you need to spend some money on your first purchase of airbrush makeup kits, in the long run, it is still economical. The makeup lasts longer when stored properly, and you only use a few drops during application.