Top 20 Airbrush Makeup Tips

Top 20 Airbrush Makeup Tips

Top 20 Airbrush Makeup Tips

Airbrush makeup is largely used in the modeling and filming industry. This technique gives subjects a natural look that is clear and fine. Traditional makeup can also produce a natural look, but because of today’s high-definition cameras, the wrinkles and pores become extremely visible. Another good thing about airbrush makeup is that you can easily spray makeup evenly on the face without needing to touch the skin. If you are thinking about applying this method on your next makeup session, below are important tips that can help you gain the edge.

20 Airbrush Makeup Tips

  1. Practice with water first to familiarize yourself with the different airbrush gun and compressor settings.
  2. Tie or clip the hair back to avoid accidentally spraying on it.
  3. Maintain a steady wrist whenever you hold the spray gun. Avoid flexing it.
  4. Avoid staying in one spot or you will spray more color in that area.
  5. The closer you are on the face, the more concentrated the color will become.
  6. Do not over-spray to avoid hot spots.
  7. Always have an airbrush cleaner on hand to keep your kit clean.
  8. Flush the airbrush using a cleaner before switching to the next shade.
  9. Your airbrush kit and cleaner should have the same base (water-based cleaner for water-based makeup).
  10. Avoid tight-shut eyes to prevent wrinkling once the airbrush goes over them.
  11. Make sure that the shade of you neck and face will blend to prevent contrast.
  12. Always use airbrush makeup foundation. Do not use regular foundation.
  13. The airbrush needle is fragile and might break if you do not handle the gun with care.
  14. Shake the makeup well before you use it to ensure high quality application.
  15. Hold the airbrush gun inches away from the face, especially when applying foundation.
  16. PSI is the unit used to measure the amount of air pressure produced by a machine. Your airbrush compressor is best set between 13PSI and 18PSI for body work, and lower to create a fine detail.
  17. Always prepare the skin with a cleanser to make sure that there are no dead skin cells. Apply a light moisturizer for a smooth skin and a nice airbrush makeup finish.
  18. Test the spray on your hand or a piece of paper before applying the makeup to see whether the machine is working properly and you have the correct shade loaded.
  19. Maintain a constant motion when spraying airbrush foundation to prevent blotchy or uneven areas, unless you need more coverage.
  20. A dual-action airbrushing kit lets you use the sprayed air as a guide to know the target areas.


Remember each one of them whenever you use your airbrush makeup. Always remember that practice makes perfect. Do not be discouraged if you failed to do it right on your first attempt. It will take some time before you can master the technique, but your determination can lead you to creating amazing results.

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6 Most Common Airbrush Makeup Mistakes

6 Most Common Airbrush Makeup Mistakes

Using an airbrush to apply your makeup is easy if you know how. This is one aspect and the most essential thing that most women are not aware of. It’s not enough to have money to purchase an airbrush makeup kit because you still have a lot to learn when it comes to this type of technology.
That’s why we took time to find out where women fail when it comes to this beauty innovation. Below are the top six mistakes most female makeup enthusiasts commit and ways to avoid them.

  1. Wrong primer used: Airbrush foundations come in different types of bases. The variety is enough to make you err when it comes to the quality of blending and coverage. The silicone-based kind is not water-soluble so it allows the foundation to slide off the surface. It doesn’t stick to it so you’d tend to use more foundation which can cost you repeat orders to have enough supply that may not last long anyway. Therefore, it pays to know which type suits your skin.
  2. Applying too much: Makeup is there to enhance and not to make the user look awful. Airbrushing techniques were designed not to overdo application so the best result should be a natural, young looking skin and not the “cakey” look that many faces wear as they fail in the process of application. To avoid this, start with a thin layer and apply in areas that require more coverage like skin flaws.
  3. Holding it too close: Some newbies at airbrush makeup application are not aware that holding the equipment too close to the face makes way for devastating effects. This means, you have to do away with holding it like less than an inch away from your skin. Four to six inches can do wonders to your enhancement goal and this is how professionals do it. However, if you are trying to cover up a blemish, then, you need to zoom towards that particular area.
  4. Uncontrolled handling: The small trigger found at the top portion of the airbrush stylus or gun. Makes you control the flow of the foundation and makeup. Some users pull the lever completely backwards to hasten the process. This results to blasting the liquid towards the skin surface which in turn produces uneven coverage. While this is effective for dual action airbrushes, this generates opposite results for single-action airbrush equipment.
  5. Lack of knowledge about airbrush equipment: Users must know where the pressure comes from and how to control it to allow for easy and smooth makeup application. Start the compressor from the lowest mode, working towards higher levels. Know how to use the lever so you will not fumble. Make sure you know ideal the distance between the skin surface and the tip of the nozzle. On top of it all, remember that moving the airbrush in back and forth motion ends up with a zigzag effect and not smooth even application.
  6. Wrong color used: Color choices need you to think twice and this is one of the most significant women commit. You should be using something that matches your skin which does not only include the face but the body as well. This way you’ll end up with a perfectly leveled body color. If you want to get an instant tan, then you should be fine with using a bronzer and don’t forget to splash some color on areas that are visible to the public.

Make sure to remind yourself of these helpful tips so as to get the value of the hard earned money you spent for your airbrush makeup kit.

How To Apply Airbrush Makeup

How To Apply Airbrush Makeup

The art of makeup has evolved through the years. With the recent technological advancements, it is now ideal to wear airbrush makeup for a long-lasting, high definition look. This is because today’s digital technology has allowed for intense image magnification, so your makeup should be finely done. This technique is not as hard as you think. In fact, it will make you feel like you are creating a masterpiece.

More Reasons Why Airbrush Makeup is a Must

The airbrush makeup technique is largely used in the movie industry mainly because the method gives a natural look to the face. The quality is clear and clean. Traditional makeup can produce a high-quality output, but pores and wrinkles would still show in high definition images or videos.

Airbrushing can be used when applying foundation, blush, lip color, and eyebrows. This technique can shade the skin, as well. Another big advantage of airbrush makeup is that it does not require you to touch the skin. For professionals, these features will help them do makeup faster and give them flexibility.

The Basics

The airbrush makeup system includes a small diaphragm compressor, and a needle that rests in the nozzle. The action begins when the pigments and the air meet. The needle will push the air and pigment out. A single-action nozzle lets the user spray out the mixture, while a dual-action nozzle allows for pigment-release control. The latter provides greater control over the amount of pigment released by the spray.

There are basically three different types of airbrush makeup: water-based, alcohol-based, and silicon-based. Water-based airbrush gives a matte appearance on the skin, allows for easy coverage, and is great for bright lighting condition where shine is a no-no. Alcohol-based airbrush, on the other hand, can stay on your skin for up to five days, but daily use is discouraged as it has 99 percent alcohol. Lastly, silicon-based airbrush provides a natural look, but you need to make sure that the shade matches your skin.

The Application Process

So how do you apply airbrush makeup? There are many things to remember when it comes to using this makeup technique. The most important tip is that the airbrush method is best done by someone else, even if you can do it to yourself. This will help prevent the makeup from getting into your eyes.

In addition, this type of makeup technique is very different from the conventional method. Make sure to read manuals, watch instructional videos, and attend workshops. Unlike traditional method, the airbrush makeup can be layered easily, but the first layer should be dry before you reapply. You need to take extra caution when applying airbrush makeup as it is difficult to correct mistakes.

The best way to apply this type of makeup is to spray about six inches away from your subject’s face. Use small bursts on some areas for greater control. Once you have enough experience, it will be easier to create layers and apply regular bursts. Remember to use forward-backward or circular motion when applying the makeup.

7 Best Airbrush Foundation Options

7 Best Airbrush Foundation Options

best airbrush makeup foundation

Airbrush foundation is currently one of the hottest makeup products women get today. Whether it’s for personal or professional makeup artist’s use, a good airbrush foundation guarantees full and smooth coverage for different skin types.

And the Best Airbrush Makeup Foundation is…

Luminess Air

Why we chose it:

  1. Ideal to use every day – hypoallergenic, water-based, & non comedogenic
  2. It lasts up to 18 hrs
  3. Free from paraben, alcohol, fragrance & oil-free

Women apply makeup to improve skin tone and hide blemishes. In case of foundation, it serves as a good base for putting other cosmetic products like blushes, eye makeups, and bronzers. Without a good foundation, other cosmetic products won’t stay on skin and colors won’t be as vibrant as they should.

Look how easy airbrush makeup is to apply!

Important things to know before getting an airbrush foundation

Take note of the following elements to ensure that you’ll get the finest foundation of this type in the market:

  • Quality: A good quality foundation applies evenly and smoothly on skin that ensures beautiful coverage on the skin. A low-quality foundation doesn’t apply evenly and leaves patches of makeup layers that affect the skin’s overall appearance.
  • Application procedure: Buy an airbrush foundation that gives you a good idea about its application procedures. Some products only require spraying it directly on the skin. They have special spritzer designs that spray properly. However, some foundation products work better if sprayed on makeup sponges or brushes first before applying on skin.
  • Skin tone shade: It’s vital to choose a foundation that matches your skin tone. Wrong foundation shades according to your skin tone is noticeable and will leave negative impression to others. Mix and match various foundation shades according to your skin tone to find your skin’s perfect match.
  • Finish: Airbrush foundation comes in different formulas. A foundation with lightweight formula ensure even coverage despite applying thin layers. You need to apply more foundation to get fuller coverage. Other formulas don’t require multiple application as they are rich enough to give full coverage with one application.

Best Airbrush Foundation Options

Best Features
What Users Say
Price Expectation
Our Rate
Temptu Aqua Foundation Waterbased airbrush foundation with matte effect; Full coverage using Carnauba Milk special formula; lightweight on skin - no dry foundation patches GoodHigh4.0 / 5
Diorskin Airflash Makeup Finish by Dior Airbrush foundation with silky & natural coverage; powder finish & lasts longer after application; only requires a small amount to coverVery GoodHigh4.2 / 5
Art of AirProvides even & full coverage that enables users control foundation coverage; helps eliminate blemishes & other flaws; remains on top of creases to hide age linesGoodLow4.0 / 5
DinairFree from harmful components that trigger allergic reactions; leaves natural-looking coverage & promotes radiant skin; can be mixed with other shades for the right skin tone blend GoodMid-Range3.9 / 5
Bellocio Airbrush Foundation Water-based airbrush foundation with antioxidants & moisturizers; Provides even coverage leaving a radiant skin effect; delicate anti-allergic formula works for everyone GoodLow4.0 / 5
Boudoir Mist Spray Foundation by Napoleon Perdis Spray foundation leaves long-lasting coverage; easy to apply with natural & flawless glow on skin; cheaper but provides quality results Very GoodHigh4.4 / 5
Luminess Air Capable of leaving a natural look with different special formulas like matte finish, satin white, & ultra finish; perfect for oily or dry skin; balances dewy effect & matteExcellentMid-Range4.6 / 5

1. Temptu Aqua Foundation

Temptu 1Oz Aqua Ultra Matte Blush Blush
List Price: $20.00
Price: $20.00
Price Disclaimer

Aqua is a water-based airbrush foundation that leaves matte finish on skin. It delivers full coverage with its special formula that includes Carnauba Milk. Despite its full coverage formula, this foundation leaves lightweight feel on skin and won’t leave dry foundation patches. Temptu ensures sheer to full, even coverage that everyone will love.

2. Diorskin Airflash Makeup Finish by Dior

From the popular fashion house comes this airbrush foundation that leaves silky natural coverage. Its special formula leaves powder finish on skin for that natural glow. It’s a small product that can be used for a long time as it only requires a small amount to leave your needed coverage.

3. Art of Air

This product assures even and full coverage foundation. Its special formula lets users to control foundation coverage while helping in eliminating blemishes like age spots, redness, and other flaws that makeup can cover. Even if the foundation is applied on wrinkles, it will remain on top of the creases and hide age lines.

4. Dinair

Dinair is known for manufacturing foundation since the brand emerged in the market. Its products are free from components that trigger allergic reaction like fragrance, silicone, parabens and oils. Its special formula leaves natural-looking coverage and promotes radiant skin. Women who never had the luck to find the best foundation for their skin tone can rely on this product as it can be mixed with other shades to find the perfect shade for the skin.

5. Bellocio Airbrush Foundation

Also a water-based airbrush foundation, Bellocio’s product possesses special formula including antioxidants and moisturizers. This formula guarantees the product will provide even coverage that leaves skin looking radiant. Women with all skin types will enjoy using this product because of its delicate formula that works for everyone. Its perfect coverage doesn’t leave irritation for women with sensitive skin due to the lack of other ingredients like paraben and fragrance oil.

6. Boudoir Mist Spray Foundation by Napoleon Perdis

Just like other products, Napoleon Perdis Boudoir spray foundation also leaves long-lasting coverage. The foundation is easy to apply and leaves a natural and flawless glow on skin. It’s also cheaper despite its quality results.

7. Luminess Air

This product is one of the popular airbrush foundation in the market for its ability to leave natural look on skin. It comes in different special formulas that leave different finishes. Matte foundation finish is ideal for women with oily skin and would like to hide shine on their skin. Those who want a natural glow can go for a Satin finish while Silk is ideal for women with dry skin for its dewy appeal. Ultra finish is ideal for those who like the balance between dewy and matte finish.


Airbrush foundation is definitely a must-have for every woman’s makeup kit today. With all the available choices, it’s easier to shop for a spray foundation and even save money with accompanying deals or discount offers.

Order the best foundation that suits your skintone, budget and skin type after reading reviews and receiving recommendations from others who have been using them for a long time.