Category: Airbrush Makeup Tips

Silicone vs Water Based Airbrush Makeup

With all the hype around the airbrush trend, everyone is obsessed with airbrush makeup now. Thanks to influential makeup gurus and celebrities blowing up our Instagram feeds, silicone vs water based airbrush makeup is a popular debate nowadays. You are likely to go wrong with airbrush makeup if you don’t know the formula that works best for you. Therefore, we are here to help you make an informed decision when choosing between silicone and water-based airbrush makeup.

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How to Turn Regular Foundation in Airbrush Foundation

The recipes for today’s makeup foundations have become innovative with the assistance of research and development. Even the method of applying cosmetic makeup onto our skin has changed with time, from fingers to beauty sponges to makeup brushes and finally, to airbrush. Beginners not familiar with this tool have to wonder how to turn regular foundation in airbrush foundation.

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