The Aeroblend Airbrush Makeup Cosmetic Personal Starter Kit has provided several women with pure satisfaction with regards to facial beauty enhancement. It has everything you need if you want to embark on airbrush makeup technology. With shades that matches all skin types, it quick and easy application is a welcome proposition for the female majority who want to get done with their face in a matter of minutes.


What makes airbrush makeup technology very popular to women nowadays is its long lasting formula. But as there are so many brands that have mushroomed in the market, not all of them offer the same number of hours stay on the face which makes Aeroblend brand standout.

It has a water based formula and a natural matte finish. You can achieve that flawless look in fast and easy steps with this unit that guarantees to provide you with the shade just right for your skin type.

The kit includes:aeroblend airbrush makeup kit review

  • 5 Foundations
  • 2 blush
  • 1 highlighter
  • 1 bronzer
  • Compressor airbrush stylus
  • Hose & Plug (only for US market)

This airbrush foundation looks natural and may seem you are not wearing makeup at all. It is fast and easy to apply compared to the erstwhile conventional makeup that took too long to get done with.

On user reviews seen online, you can never go wrong with this kit and with an affordable price tag, it is a good find. Many users complained that they have been buying based on brands but those items somewhat fell short of quality. They believe that name brands are overpriced.

Those who have melasma for years have found themselves a shield that hides the fact that they have skin flawed to the bone. And the cakey feeling and look of traditional foundations of yore is not a match to this light and natural look and feel of this amazing facial cover up.

Breakouts are not a problem anymore. This starter kit provides you with covering that does not penetrate your pores to the max. While it stays on the skin for quite a good number of hours, it stays there to cover and not to deliver another blow to your skin which could aggravate an existing skin condition.

So, for every woman out there, this is your chance to experience the new makeup airbrushing technique with the Aeroblend Makeup Cosmetic Personal Starter Kit which can take you further to new heights of fame and more confidence within the community or even at your workplace.


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